Battery operated sprayers like the one in figure 4 command our attention. There are variations of these sprayers from those that are drawn on a cart behind a lawn tractor to those that are carried on wheels or carried on the pressure achieved by a rechargeable battery turning a pump on and off. It does not have a pressurized tank, and it comes with a lengthy hose in stark contrast to the short hoses on the above sprayers

The sprayer in figure 4 is available on an Internet site for about $150.00. Its rechargeable battery will spray up to 15 tankfuls (5 gallons each) with a single charge. With adjustable pressure from 20 to 100 psi this sprayer can spray 30 to35 feet. Remarkably, the sprayer can be worn as a backpack or can be pushed or pulled on its wheels like a two-wheeled dolly. In my garden of 400 cultivars it has reduced spraying time from over 4 hours to less than 1 hour. This sprayer comes the closest to fulfilling the objectives of safely and effectively delivering chemicals to cultivars.

Tom Adams.
— From the The Dixie Daylily
To Whom it May Concern,

The K.M. Perry Ranches have attached the Rocket Spray sprayer to the back of a gas golf cart to spray bermuda grass and weeds around trees in the citrus groves and around the irrigation outlets. Mounting the sprayer on the golf cart allows us to spray closer to the trees and the outlets. We sprayed ten acres in two hours.

The sprayer is very convenient to operate and does a real good job. One person can drive the cart and spray with the Rocket Spray. We also use it as a backpack. After using the sprayer we don’t plan on using the hand sprayer units.

Kenneth M. Perry
— K.M. Perry Ranches Owner
Dear Mr. Lewis,

We ordered one of your spray machines for our business. We have a green house and produce store outside St. Louis. In the past we had purchased hand pump up sprayers and gasoline powered backpack units. Your spray machine is 100% better than any of these other sprayers we have tried, and at half the price.

I am so happy somebody came up with this technology. We still have the same battery in the unit we purchased over two years ago. This is a fantastic spraying machine, and I don’t know why anyone would ever buy another hand pump or gasoline sprayer.

St. Louis, MO
— Larry Ritter
Dear Mr. Lewis,

We ordered one of your 12-volt backpack spray machines with the wheel kit. We wanted to see and test this unit before we purchased more of them. In my 20 years in business, I have not seen a spray machine like this, and made as solid and quality as this one. The design is fantastic and the charge holds real well for 3-4 days of heavy work. There are other brand name sprayers known in our industry. Your unit is superior to them in every aspect, for less cost.

Also, I highly recommend your rechargeable spray machine, because without cords, and hand pump-up problems, our technicians like to use it more, which has translated to greater carpet protector sales.

Henry Badal
Fond Du Lac, WI